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Tim Kendall Research Group (Affiliate)

Myofibroblast Origin and Function in Liver Fibrogenesis and Recovery


Dr Tim Kendall - Senior Clinical Fellow in Pathology; Honorary Consultant Histopathologist Developing Principal Investigator

Research in a Nutshell 

The Wt1+ mesothelium contributes to the hepatic stellate cell population during development, and after fibrotic liver injury in the subcapsular region; loss of Wt1 also influences liver parenchymal development. We aim to characterise the role of Wt1 in hepatic stellate cells in fibrotic and non-fibrotic liver injury and regeneration.



Dr Timothy Kendall Group Leader
Dr Cathy Duff Research Assistant



  • Professor Stuart Forbes, University of Edinburgh 
  • Professor Neil Henderson, University of Edinburgh 
  • Professor Anura Rambukkana, University of Edinburgh
  • Professor Andreas Schedl, Institute of Biology Valrose

Partners and Funders

  • Wellcome Trust Intermediate Clinical Fellowship (2011)

Scientific Themes

fibrosis, wound healing, liver disease

Technology Expertise

clinical and comparative histopathology, quantitative pathology