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Grzegorz Kudla Research Group

RNA Synthetic Biology

Professor Grzegorz Kudla - Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow

Research in a Nutshell 

The Kudla lab  combines synthetic biology, next-generation sequencing, and computational modelling to study the relationships between RNA sequence, structure, expression, and function. The group focuses on the study of codon usage bias, RNA folding, and RNA interactions. We believe that a detailed understanding of the sequence-function relationship for selected model transcripts will uncover principles applicable to many RNAs.


Research Programme

Greg Kudla Research Group


Professor Grzegorz Kudla Group Leader

Pragya Mittal

Research Fellow

Fernando Bellido Molías

Research Fellow

Marcin Plech Research Fellow (with Joe Marsh)

Hasan Çubuk

PhD student (with Joe Marsh)

Jian You Lau Research Assistant
Alex McDonnell PhD student
Laura Cano Aroca PhD student
Mohd Ahmad PhD student
Nabid Bhuiyan PhD student
Serafina Soehianto MRes student



  1. Gabryelska et al (2022) Global mapping of RNA homodimers in living cells. Genome Research 32 (5) 956-967
  2. Zhang et al (2021) In vivo structure and dynamics of the SARS-CoV-2 RNA genome. Nature communications 12 (1)
  3. Mordstein et al (2020) Codon usage and splicing jointly influence mRNA localization. Cell systems 10 (4) 351-362
  4. Mittal et al. (2018) Codon usage influences fitness through RNA toxicity. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (34) 8639-8644
  5. Ziv et al (2018) COMRADES determines in vivo RNA structures and interactions. Nature methods 15 (10) 785-788

Full publication list can be found on Research Explorer: Grzegorz Kudla — University of Edinburgh Research Explorer


  • Professor Laurence Hurst, University of Bath
  • Dr Michael Liss, Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Professor Eric Miska, University of Cambridge

Partners and Funders

  • MRC
  • Michael J Fox Foundation
  • Thermofisher

Scientific Themes

gene regulation, evolution, RNA, codon usage, synthetic biology