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Chromatin Structure and Genome Integrity

Professor Nick Gilbert

Section: Genome Regulation

Research in a Nutshell 

In mammalian cells DNA is wrapped around proteins to form chromatin. This protects DNA from damage and regulates gene transcription. Our lab is studying the protein and epigenetic factors that modify DNA and chromatin structure influencing gene expression and genome stability

A key goal of our research is to understand how changes in chromatin structure affect gene expression and genome stability in disease. These studies will help us to understand this process and develop future drugs to treat diseases like cancer.


Research Programme




Professor Nick Gilbert Group Leader
Jim Allan Honorary Research Fellow
Lora Boteva Research Fellow
Peter Bruton PhD student
Adam Buckle Postdoctoral Scientist
Catherine Doust PhD student

Covadonga Huidobro-Fernandez

Catherine Naughton Senior Postdoctoral Scientist
Ryu-Suke Nozawa Postdoctoral Scientist
Hannah Sutcliffe PhD student
Isobel MacGregor PhD student





  • Professor Mark Bradley, University of Edinburgh 
  • Professor Davide Marenduzzo, University of Edinburgh
  • Dr Ian Adams, HGU 

Partners and Funders

  • MRC


Scientific Themes

Chromatin, DNA, Transcription, Genome Stability