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The SDRNT1BIO is a collaboration involving clinicians, researchers, funding supporters and people with diabetes.

SDRNT1BIO Steering Committee 

The SDRNT1BIO Steering Committee consists of the study funders, diabetes doctors from participating Scottish Health Boards, and a patient representative.  

Patient Representation 

A representative for people with diabetes is included in the SDRNT1BIO Steering Committee.


SDRN Funders

The SDRNT1BIO was established with joint funding from the Chief Scientist Office Scotland and Diabetes UK, and in-kind support from the SDRN. Research using the SDRNT1BIO is funded by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).


We thank the participants who took part in this important research programme aimed at better understanding both type 1 diabetes and its related complications, NHS Staff and funders.