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Scottish Diabetes Research Network SDRN Type 1 Bioresource, SDRNT1BIO

One of the largest and most comprehensive collections of biomaterials and data from adults with type 1 diabetes in Scotland.

SDRN Type 1 Bioresource (SDRNT1BIO)

The Scottish Diabetes Research Network Type 1 Bioresource facilitates a wide range of research to better understand the determinants of type 1 diabetes and its complications, and the early detection of complications.


The SDRNT1BIO is a collaboration involving clinicians, researchers, funding supporters and people with diabetes.

Current research SDRNT1BIO

Research using the SDRNT1BIO is aiming to identify those most at risk of complications, and to investigate potential early-warning signs of possible future complications.

More information

Links to other information on diabetes in Scotland and the contact email address for the Study Co-ordinator.

Scottish Diabetes Research Network (SDRN)

The Scottish Diabetes Research Network (SDRN) is a clinical research network which coordinates and facilitates diabetes research across Scotland.