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Olga Murina

Postdoctoral Researcher (Swiss National Science Foundation Fellow 2015-2016, EMBO Long-Term Fellow 2016-present)

Olga Murina
Born & Raised Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Education & previous employment I obtained my BSc and MSc degrees in Biology at Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia. For my PhD, I moved to the lab of Prof Alessandro Sartori (Institute of Molecular Cancer Research) at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, where I investigated molecular and cellular aspects of the DNA-end resection carried out by human CtIP particularly in the context of DNA interstrand crosslinks repair.
Scientific interests Replication-coupled DNA repair and genome stability; DNA damage response pathways in RNase H2-deficient cells.
Outside interests Pilates & yoga, meeting friends (but now mostly chatting with them by Skype), cats.