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Colin Stok

Postdoctoral Researcher

Colin Stok
Born & Raised Schiedam, The Netherlands
Education & previous employment

BSc in Life Science & Technology (TU Delft & Universiteit Leiden, The Netherlands).

MSc in Life Science & Technology (Universiteit Leiden, The Netherlands), with a one-year internship in the lab of Wim Vermeulen (Erasmus Medisch Centrum Rotterdam).

PhD in mitotic DNA damage repair in the lab of Marcel van Vugt (Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen, The Netherlands).

Scientific interests I am interested in the causes and consequences of genome instability. During my PhD, I investigated the origins and processing of mitotic ultrafine DNA bridges. Currently, I am looking into the activation of the innate immune system by cytosolic DNA.
Outside interests Geology, palaeontology, travelling, discovering new music, attending concerts, and walking (while playing Pokémon GO).