MRC Human Genetics Unit
Medical Research Council Human Genetics Unit

Andrea Robertson

Senior Research Technician/Area Supervisor

Andrea Robertson
Born & Raised Born in Northern Ireland, lived in Scotland and USA
Education & previous employment

BSc in Biochemistry (Dundee), MPhil (The University of Edinburgh). Worked as a technician in several cancer labs at The University of Edinburgh, before moving to New York, to work on a breast cancer project in Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre for 3 years. Joined Andrew’s lab in 2005.

Scientific interests Span both sides of the lab, but have been mainly focussed on various PD projects in the last few years. Enjoy cellular biology, but willing to try most things!
Outside interests Used to be going out, gigs, eating out etc, but now have a family, life is very different (but better!). Still enjoy wine, whether is the occasional meal out, or on the sofa at home!