MRC Human Genetics Unit
Medical Research Council Human Genetics Unit


We seek to understand how DNA changes impact on human health and disease, and how genes and the genome act in normal development and physiology.

Our research enhance collaboration, sharing and mutual feedback on our work.

Ian Adams Research Group

Ian Adams: meiosis
Genetic and Chromosomal Stability in Mammalian Germ Cells

Nezha Benabdallah

Chromatin Regulators in Cancer

Wendy Bickmore Research Group

W.Bickmore research
Spatial Organisation of the Human Genome

Luke Boulter Research Group

L.Boulter - Research Image
Signalling in Tissue Repair and Cancer

Javier Caceres Research Group

J.Caceres_RNA Processing in Eukaryotes
RNA processing and gene regulation

Oriol Canela-Xandri Research Group

High performance algorithms to analyse large and distributed datasets

Helen Colhoun Research Group

Diabetes Medical Informatics and Epidemiology

Yanick Crow Research Group

Genetic disorders of Human Neurological and Immune Function

Tom Deegan Research Group

Mechanism and Regulation of Chromosome Replication

Ailith Ewing Research Group

Evolutionary trajectories of structural variation in cancer

Nick Gilbert Research Group

Nick Gilbert research 2019
Chromatin Structure and Genome Integrity

Andrew Jackson Research Group

Andrew Jackson research montage 2019
Mechanisms for Microcephaly, Cancer and Autoinflammation

Ava Khamseh Research Group

Causal Quantitative Cancer Biology and Population Genomics

Grzegorz Kudla Research Group

G.Kudla - Research Image
RNA Synthetic Biology

Hannah Long Research Group

Gene Regulation in Human Craniofacial Development and Disease

Joe Marsh Research Group

J.Marsh - Research Image
Protein Variant Interpretation

Richard Meehan Research Group

Richard Meehan research
Epigenetic Mechanisms in Development and Disease

Pleasantine Mill Research Group

P.Mill research image
Genetics of Cilia Biology

Jenny Nichols Research Group

Mechanisms of establishment, regulation and differentiation of early mammalian lineages in vivo and in vitro

Liz Patton Research Group

L.Patton research
Targeting developmental cell states in melanoma

Chris Ponting Research Group

Causal variants and mechanisms in complex traits and diseases

Colin Semple Research Group

Origins and Impacts of Structural Mutations

Duncan Sproul Research Group

D.Sproul research
Epigenetics in Human Disease

Martin Taylor Research Group

Mutagenesis and its Biomedical Impact

Rebekah Tillotson Research Group

Mechanistic understanding of chromatinopathies

Veronique Vitart Research Group

From GWAS to Function

Catalina Vallejos Research Group

Biomedical Data Science

Andrew Wood Research Group

Genome editing and targeted protein degradation

Ansgar Zoch Research Group

Genome defence mechanisms

Kenny Baillie (Affiliate)

Translational genomics in critical illness

Sjoerd Beentjes (Affiliate)

Targeted Causal Machine Learning for Population Biomedicine

Simon Biddie (Affiliate)

Genome regulation of lung inflammation, injury and repair

Gerry Brien (Affiliate)

Chromatin Biochemistry and Epigenetics

Malcolm Dunlop Research Group (Affiliate)

M.Dunlop research
Colorectal Cancer, Genetic Susceptibility, Prevention

Neil Henderson Group (Affiliate)

Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Tissue Repair and Regeneration

Davide Michieletto Research Group (Affiliate)

Topology and Viscoelasticity of DNA and Genomes

Robert Semple Research Group (Affiliate)

Human Genetic Disorders of Insulin Action

Albert Tenesa Research Group (Affiliate)

complex traits, statistical genetics, prediction
Understanding Human Complex Trait Variation

Jim Wilson Research Group (Affiliate)

J.Wilson research
Quantitative traits in health and disease