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John Inglis Prize Awarded for Best PhD Student presentations

Congratulations to Sarah Muise and Linda Nguyen for winning the 2023 John Inglis prize for best student talks: August 2023

Sarah Muise and Linda Nguyen

On Tuesday 29th August, eight penultimate year PhD students at the MRC Human Genetics Unit presented their work to colleagues and competed for the John Inglis prize.

The John Inglis prize is awarded each year in memory of John Inglis, a former PhD student at the MRC Human Genetics Unit, to the penultimate year MRC Human Genetics Unit PhD student giving the best research presentation.

The winner for this year was awarded to Sarah Muise – Patton Research Group – for her research talk on “A novel Fli1+ cell state in melanoma residual disease”.

Runner-up was awarded to to Linda Nguyen – Mill and Vallejos Research Groups – for her research talk on “Photoreceptor death mechanisms in retinitis pigmentosa - using the Pde6batrd2 mouse as a model”.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the students who took part this year.


Liz Patton Research Group

Pleasantine Mill Research Group

Catalina Vallejos Research Group