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Celebrating Technician Week at the University of Edinburgh

The essential work of technical staff has been highlighted through Technician Week events across the University in September

Group of Technicians 2023
Technician meeting 2023

The spotlight was on the vital contributions that technicians make to the University and its research, hosted by a different campus each day, 4 – 8 September.

Organised by the Technician Steering Committee, Technician Week highlighted career development, visibility and the resources available to all technical staff at the University, as well as proving the opportunity to network with peers. Attendees also took part in seminars, talks, and an image competition.

The Institute of Genetics and Cancer hosted the community, more than 70 technical staff from across campus, on Wednesday 6 September for in depth discussion about sustainability in research working environments, including commitments to reducing carbon footprint. 

External speakers from Napier and Dundee Universities shared their experiences in sustainability and their hopes of a circular economy involving lab plastics usage.

The day inspired lively discussion around strategies to address these issues and reduce their impact.

The programme included talks about technician apprentices, professional registration and an update on the Technician Steering Group and Technician Commitment.

Prior to Technician Week, University staff were asked to nominate technicians in five different categories and winners were announced during the week. Prizes were awarded to deserving technical staff who have excelled in particular areas over the last academic year.

Congratulations to Charli Corcoran, Zebrafish Facility Technician at the Institute of Genetics and Cancer who received the award for Contribution to the University's Culture, Community and Environment.

Congratulations also to Western General Hospital campus colleague Linda Clarke, BVS Facility Manager who won the award for Contribution to Learning and Teaching.

The week closed with a focus on career development, and the Institute welcomed participants of the Foundation Apprentice Programme who will be working within the its core facilities and technical services over the coming academic year.

Technicians play a vital and integral role within Edinburgh University. This was our first Technician Week and attendance and engagement was really positive. Anything that encourages recognition and community is most welcome and it was great to be involved in it!

Andrea Robertson, Lab Manager, MRC Human Genetics UnitTechnician Campus Co-ordinator at Western General Hospital

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