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2023 Cross-Disciplinary Fellows welcomed

Alina Kumukova, Andrii Iakovliev and Yavor Novev join the Institute of Genetics and Cancer: October 2023

Yavor Novev, Alina Kumukova and Andrii Iakovliev
Left to right: Yavor Novev, Alina Kumukova and Andrii Iakovliev

The Cross-Disciplinary Fellowships (XDF) Programme is a 4-year programme, funded by the Medical Research Council, for early-career quantitatively trained scientists whose ambition is to achieve an independent career in data-driven computational biomedicine.  

The Institute of Genetics and Cancer welcomes three Fellows this year who joined the programme in October in 2023.

Alina is a statistician with a PhD from the University of Edinburgh and expertise in Bayesian methods and modelling of extreme events.

Andrii joins us from the field of engineering, he holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Southampton with expertise in the stability of split structures.

Yavor joins the Programme with expertise in chemical engineering and biophysics and a PhD in Physical and Theoretical Chemistry from the University of Oxford.

The Programme has now been running for five years, attracting candidates with post-graduate research experience and a PhD in statistics, informatics, physics, engineering, mathematics, computer science, computational biology, physical chemistry or similar subject.

Fellows gain analytical and computational expertise and an in-depth appreciation of biomedical and health research.  Through personalised training and research programmes, they are primed to become cross-disciplinary leaders in quantitative biomedicine. 

We’re very excited to welcome Alina, Andrii and Yavor to the Cross-Disciplinary Fellowships Programme. Their perspectives from outside of biomedical science will bring fresh insights and ideas to the Institute and we look forward to following their paths to research independence in data-driven computational biomedicine.

Professor Chris Ponting, Programme LeadMRC Human Genetics Unit

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