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Joe Marsh awarded Lister Institute’s Prize Fellowship

Fellowship will support computational study of protein complexes in normal biological processes and human disease

Each year,  through a highly competitive application process, the Lister Institute provides research funding to outstanding early career scientists whose work shows excellent potential to make an impact in the field of biomedical sciences. Joe Marsh, IGMM Chancellor's Fellow at the MRC Human Genetics Unit has been awarded a 2018 Fellowship for his work on protein complex modelling. He will be one of seven fellows awarded in 2018. The awards are aimed at researchers in the early years of running their own groups, for whom receipt of the prize would make a significant difference to their research work. Lister Fellows are given the freedom to develop their research careers individually, while still being part of the Lister community.

Joe Marsh joined IGMM in 2014, following post a PhD at the University of Toronto and the Hospital for Sick Children and postdoctoral research  in the group of Dr Sarah Teichmann at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology and the EMBL European Bioinformatics Institute. He was recently promoted to Reader, at the University of Edinburgh. His work is also supported by an MRC Career Development Award.


I'm very excited to receive the Lister Prize, which will be tremendously beneficial to my research at this point in my career. This award will allow my group to investigate the role of dominant-negative mutations in human genetic disease, using a combination of both computational and experimental approaches. My preliminary work on the topic has suggested that the dominant-negative effect is much more common than previously been believed, due to the huge number of proteins that can assemble into complexes. Ultimately, this research is likely to substantially improve our ability to identify human mutations that cause Mendelian genetic disorders or drive cancer

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