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Students win 2018 John Inglis prize

Congratulations to Irene Kallimasioti and Ilya Flyamer for winning the 2018 John Inglis prize for the best student presentation: June 2018

Nine penultimate year PhD students at the MRC Human Genetics Unit presented their work on Friday 22nd June, with two winning presentations being awarded the coveted John Inglis Prize, in memory of John Inglis, who completed his PhD at the MRC Human Genetics Unit

Irene Kallimasioti and Ilya Flyamer were each awarded the John Inglis prize for their outstanding presentations.

My project focuses on studying how the packaging of DNA inside our cells affects how easily we can create precise sequence changes using genome editing tools such as CRISPR-Cas9. I have defined conditions under which the packaging of DNA has a big effect on the frequency of CRISPR mutations, but shown that this does not affect what types of sequence change are produced.

Irene Pazi-KallimasiotiMRC HGU Unit PhD student, Wood lab

We investigate how the DNA is folded in the cell’s nucleus. This project focuses on the spatial organization of genes that are epigenetically silenced in early embryonic development."

Ilya FlyamerMRC HGU Unit PhD student, Bickmore lab

The prizes this year were judged by Ian Jackson, Laura Lettice, Veronique Vitart, Colin Semple and Nick Gilbert

Congratulations to all of the presenters below for excellent and informative presentations.

Isobel MacGregor - Large-scale chromatin organisation in mouse meiocytes

Nikki Hall - Why are some people born with no iris? Aniridia loci and other PAX6-related eye malformations

Andrea Coates - Aldehyde dehydrogenase: 5-nitrofuran gene-drug interactions

Andrew Bretherick-Quantitative Trait Loci and Mendelian Randomisation: progress towards causation

Eleanor Raymond -UBR2’s role in regulating the cohesin complex in the murine oocyte

Daniel Dodd-Temporal and spatial resolution of mammalian axonemal dynein assembly pathways

Yan-Ping Lee - Post-transcriptional regulation of the Oxidative Stress Response


Irene Kallimasioti supervisor - Andrew Wood research group

Ilya Flyamer supervisor  - Wendy Bickmore research group

Irene and Ilya
Irene Kallimasioti and Ilya Flyamer