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Medical Research Council Human Genetics Unit


MRC Harwell joint meeting

MRC Harwell join MRC Human Genetics Unit researchers in Edinburgh for a joint scientific meeting: April 2018

mouse and DNA

Researchers at two MRC Units joined forces from 25-26 April to discuss advances in computational genomics, mouse genetic technologies and how model systems can help uncover the function of genetic changes. 

Presentations from Unit researchers were interspersed with discussions on technological advances and challenges, opportunities and limitations in modelling human genetics using the mouse and potential approaches to joint working. Clear synergies between work at the two research Units were apparent and a future meeting will be planned.


MRC Harwell is at the international forefront of the use of mouse genetics to study the relationship between genetics and disease:

The MRC Human Genetics Unit at the University of Edinburgh discovers how changes in our DNA impact our lives: MRC Human Genetics Unit research

HGU and Harwell researchers on IGMM balcony