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Latest News

Latest news.

Lifestyle changes can close regional obesity gap

Body Mass Index Distribution in Scotland
MRC Human Genetics Unit study suggests targeting lifestyle could help reduce health inequalities in Scotland: October 2017

Significant research grant awarded for Type 1 diabetes research

Apple, sugar cubes and syringe with insulin
October 2017: Professors Helen Colhoun and Paul McKeigue receive award from Diabetes UK for Type 1 diabetes research.

Over 200 visitors at the IGMM Open Day

IGMM doors open 2017
The MRC Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine opened its doors to the public for the second time on September 23, welcoming 232 visitors: September 2017

Blindness study shows how gene causes middle-age sight loss

Chemical changes in the eye that can lead to blindness have been identified by scientists: September 2017

Eye patient engagement event

Researchers and clinicians engage with patients as part of the Eye Development & Degeneration event
As part of the Eye Development & Degeneration conference, the IGMM hosted a patient-facing event, welcoming 40 patients suffering from vision-impairing conditions: 5th September 2017

IGMM hosts the Eye Development & Degeneration conference

The IGMM hosted the two-day ‘Eye Development and Degeneration: From Genes to Therapy’ conference: 4th - 5th September 2017

The 4th Super-Resolution Summer School

ESRIC 2017
The 4th Super-Resolution Summer School took place at ESRIC between 31 July and 4 August 2017. 36 researchers from 18 countries attended, including students from previous years as well as some new faces: August 2017

Science Insights

Science Insights
Science Insights: July 2017

cGAS detection of micronuclei links DNA damage and inflammatory mechanisms

Edinburgh study sheds light on how body may detect early signs of cancer
Findings may shed light on inflammatory disease and body’s response to cancer: July 2017

People-powered DNA research

MRC Festival of Research News 2017
As part of the MRC Festival of Medical Research, the MRC Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine teamed up with Leith Labs to organise a day of hands-on activities at Ocean Terminal: June 2017

MRC IGMM Data Science in Biomedicine Workshop renews Institute’s focus on translational activity

Data Science in Biomedicine Workshop news 6.2017
The MRC Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine (IGMM) held a workshop on "Data Science in Biomedicine”: 20 June 2017

Five female scientists are working on ground-breaking Melanoma research

Five female scientists are working on ground-breaking Melanoma research
Dr Liz Patton from the MRC IGMM, as one of five female scientists leading a Melanoma Research Team, is currently featuring on the L’Oreal Paris website: June 2017

John Inglis prize 2017 awarded for best student presentation

Congratulations to Abigail Little and Gabrielle Olley for winning this year's John Inglis prize for the best student presentation: June 2017

Dynamic DNA helps ward off gene damage - chromatin is the guardian of the genome

Dynamic DNA helps ward off gene damage - chromatin is the guardian of the genome
Edinburgh researchers have identified properties in DNA’s protective structure that could transform the way geneticists think about the human genome: June 2017

MRC Festival of Medical Research 2017

MRC Festival of medical research
Leith Labs Explores Genes & Brains – Research Revelations with the IGMM and CCACE: June 2017

MRC HGU Eye Development and Degeneration scientific meeting announced

Meeting from 4-5 Sept 2017 will span genetics of eye development through to therapeutic approaches

David FitzPatrick elected as Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences

David FitzPatrick
Congratulations to Professor David FitzPatrick who has become a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences (FMedSci): May 2017

Wendy Bickmore elected as Fellow of the Royal Society

Congratulations to Professor Wendy Bickmore who becomes a Fellow of the Royal Society in recognition of her outstanding contributions to science: May 2017

Genetic variation and RNA structure regulate microRNA biogenesis

Control of miR30c-1 levels is affected by genetic changes found in breast and gastric cancer patients: May 2017

Role for lncRNA in regulation of development

Direct role demonstrated for the long non-coding RNA Hottip in regulation of Hoxa genes important in development

Wilms’ Tumour Suppressor (WT1) - not just a transcription factor

Wilms’ Tumour Suppressor news 4.2017
Recent research within the MRC Human Genetics Unit (HGU) of the IGMM, has finally found a combination of roles of Wilms’ Tumour 1 (WT1) that together demonstrate its crucial importance in disease development: April 2017

Gene identified for the severe childhood disease PLAAND

Gene identified for the severe childhood disease PLAAND
The best laid PLAAns of mice and men - when brain development goes awry: April 2017

IGMM 3 minute thesis competition winners

Isobel MacGregor wins the 2017 IGMM 3 minute thesis competition: April 2017

Novel gene associations for traits from electronic health records

QTL group
Novel associations of several EHR-derived traits, primarily with rare variants in Generation Scotland: March 2017

3 year PhD opportunity  - apply now

Applications are invited for a 3 year MRC funded PhD: March 2017

KDM3A is a master regulator of cilia stability

Yeyati, Mill and colleagues show a critical role for the histone demethylase KDM3A in cilia stability: March 2017

Rare diseases study in Scotland signs up first recruits

Scottish Genomes Partnerships
People in Scotland with rare genetic diseases will benefit from a DNA study that seeks to improve their diagnoses and treatments: March 2017

New microcephaly gene plays key role during DNA replication

DONSON protein binding at the DNA replication fork
Mutations in DONSON, important during DNA replication, lead to primordial dwarfism: February 2017

£1.3m diabetes data study to spot signs of linked health problems

H.Colhoun AXA Chair
A major research initiative was launched on 23 January 2017 that will use cutting edge data analysis techniques to better understand the health complications that are experienced by people with diabetes: February 2017

IGMM hosted the 2017 ESRIC Symposium attracting over 100 researchers

ESRIC 2017 Symposium
The 2017 Edinburgh Super-Resolution Imaging Consortium (ESRIC) Symposium welcomed over 100 researchers from Edinburgh Universities and others from the central belt: January 2017

ESRIC Super-resolution Summer school registration opens

ESRIC summer school 2016
Applications are now open for the 2017 summer school: January 2017

Applications Closed: MRC HGU PhD programme-deadline 20 January

IGMM Students 2016
MRC Human Genetics Unit PhD Programme: January 2017