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News 2015

An archive of News from 2015

Genetic diagnoses for rare conditions

Genetic diagnoses for rare conditions
MRC Human Genetics Unit scientists are involved in a nationwide study to identify genes linked to rare developmental disorders in children: January 2015

Tracking DNA helps scientists trace origins of genetic errors

IGMM News 2015 -  tracking dna
University of Edinburgh researchers have developed a method to label and track pieces of new DNA as they are made: January 2015

Culture shock - Are lab-grown cells a faithful model for human disease?

IGMM News 2015 -  culture stock
Researchers from the University of Edinburgh and Linköping University have revealed how quickly cells change their identity when grown in the laboratory: February 2015

Bile duct cancer study may pave way for new treatments

IGMM News 2015 -  bile duct cancer
A study led by the University of Edinburgh could help patients with bile duct cancer: February 2015

Maria Christophorou awarded Wellcome Trust Beit prize

IGMM News 2015 -  maria
MRC Human Genetics Unit researcher recognised as an outstanding scientist: February 2015

New Director for MRC Human Genetics Unit

IGMM News 2014 - Wendy Bickmore
Professor Bickmore said on her appointment, “This is an exciting time for human genetics, with large-scale genome sequencing set to impact on clinical practice: February 2015

Gene discovery sheds light on causes of rare type of dwarfism

IGMM News 2015 -  gene discovery dwarfism
Researchers led by the Universities of Edinburgh and Birmingham have begun decoding the genetic material which causes primordial dwarfism: February 2015

Apply now: 2015 Science Insights work experience programme

IGMM News - apply science insights
Gain an insight into research and work in biological sciences: March 2015

Joe Marsh receives MRC and Biochemical Society Awards

IGMM News 2015 -  joe marsh
His research into protein complexes in human genetic disease will be funded for five more years: April 2015

FEBS Systems Medicine Travel Award to IGMM PhD Student

IGMM News 2015 -  febs
Hans-Joachim Sonntag secured the FEBS Youth Travel Grant to attend the inaugural European Systems Medicine Advanced Summer School: May 2015

DNA study could shed light on how genetic faults trigger disease

IGMM News 2015 -  identify new
Researchers at the MRC Human Genetics Unit were part of an international collaboration that identified all the enhancers on a single human chromosome: May 2015

New European Research Funding

IGMM News 2015 -  eu
The IGMM has been successful in obtaining substantial grant funding from the European Union: May 2015

Student awarded Biochemical Society Undergraduate Recognition Award

Undergraduate student Elena Perez Fernandez, who completed a research project in the MRC HGU, will be awarded the Biochemical Society prize for a top undergraduate research project: June 2015

Best student presentation at the 9th Mammalian Genes, Development and Disease Meeting

c.playfoot news 2015
Chris Playfoot awarded best student presentation prize: July 2015

2015 Inglis Award Presented

Best student presentation 2015
Congratulations to all the final year PhD students their excellent work and presentations: July 2015

School pupils gain insight into scientific research and careers

IGMM News 2015 -  science insights
High School Pupils from across the Lothians have attended a week long work experience programme run by the IGMM, Roslin Institute and the Dick Vet School: August 2015

MRC Human Genetics Unit Director hosts Super-Resolution Summer School

MRC HGU News 2015 - Summer School
Professor Wendy Bickmore, hosted the second annual ESRIC Super-Resolution Summer School last week, welcoming 35 International attendees: August 2015

Dr Luke Boulter awarded the British Association for the Study of Liver Dame Sheila Sherlock Prize

Parent carer scientist: news 2016
Dr Luke Boulter of the MRC HGU has been awarded the British Association for the Study of Liver Dame Sheila Sherlock Prize: August 2015

Dr David Hunt awarded drug safety prize by the MHRA

IGMM News 2015 -  david hunt
Wellcome Intermediate Clinical Fellow is awarded Sir Derrick Dunlop Prize by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency: September 2015

The importance of enzymatic activity does not always ‘RING’ true

IGMM News 2015 -  enzymatic
Scientists from the MRC Human Genetics Unit have proved new things about Protein RING1B: October 2015

IGMM hosts ESRIC Advanced Imaging Symposium 2015

IGMM News 2015 -  host esric
120 delegates will be welcomed to the Institute on the 13th October: October 2015