MRC Human Genetics Unit
Medical Research Council Human Genetics Unit

IGMM seminar series

The IGMM Seminar Series attracts distinguished scientists from around the world working in the fields of genetics, molecular medicine and cancer research, and whose research complements that being done at IGMM.

A series of mini-symposia focusing on themes of cancer genetics and genomics.  These will explore our growing strengths in this area across the IGMM, featuring a variety of speakers in each session within a topic.

Sessions will be held on Thursdays at 12pm and are open to all within CMVM, University of Edinburgh. 

Please contact for more information.

Thursday 1 October - The unstable (epi)genome

Olga Murina - RNaseH2, genome damage and synthetic lethality

Duncan Sproul - Epigenetic instability in cancer

Andrew Wood - Tumour suppressive effects of mitotic chromosome condensation

Thursday 15 October - From genomes to clinic

Ailith Ewing - Genomic signatures of structural variation in cancer

Robb Hollis - To be announced

Tim Aitman - Early Diagnosis and Liquid Biopsy

Thursday 12 November - Cellular and allelic hetrogeneity

Malcolm Dunlop - SCOTTY study

Jonine Figueroa - Molecular subtypes of breast cancer in European and African ancestry populations

Liz Patton - Heterogeneity of residual disease

Thursday 3 December - Driver mutations and cancer genome evolution

Luke Boulter - In vivo CRISPR screens for cancer drivers

Martin Taylor - Lesion segregation in cancer

Ian Tomlinson - Why are cancer driver genes specific to different tissues?