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Medical Research Council Human Genetics Unit

IGMM seminar series

The IGMM Seminar Series attracts distinguished scientists from around the world working in the fields of genetics, molecular medicine and cancer research, and whose research complements that being done at IGMM.

Unless stated, all seminars take place at 1pm in the IGMM Lecture Theatre.


Additional support for the 2018 IGMM seminar series has been provided by Proteintech (



Thursday 6 September : A receptor-selective Jag1 mutation induces an Alagille syndrome phenotype in mice: New models and tools to study cholangiopathies

Dr Emma Andersson, Karolinska Institute

Host: Dr Luke Boulter

Thursday 13 September : Mechanisms of membrane protein biogenesis

Dr Ramanujan Hegde, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Host: Dr Andy Finch

**Please note this seminar takes place at 12pm**   Thursday 20 September : Histone mutations in paediatric Glioblastoma

Professor Nada Jabado, McGill University

Host: Professor Wendy Bickmore


Thursday 4 October : Epigenetic switching and antisense transcription: lessons from FLC

Professor Caroline Dean, John Innes Centre,  University of York

Host: Professor Andrew Jackson

Tuesday 9 October : Capitalizing on Psychiatric Genetics: Pathways for Translating Genetic Findings into the Clinic

Professor David Glahn, Yale University

Host: Professor Pippa Thomson

Thursday 11 October : Structural basis for recruitment of a nuclear co-repressor complex by MeCP2

Dr Atlanta Cook, Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology, University of Edinburgh

Host: Professor Javier Caceres

Tuesday 16 October : Writing Genomes

Professor Jef Boeke, Institute for Systems Genetics, New York University

Host: Professor Wendy Bickmore

Thursday 25 October : Comparative approaches to investigate the role of type-I interferon responses in viral pathogenesis

Professor Massimo Palmarini, MRC Centre for Virus Research, University of Glasgow

Host: Professor Nick Hastie


Thursday 8 November : Predicting how genetic variants impact biological mechanism

Professor Robert Russell, University of Heidelberg

Host: Dr Joe Marsh

Thursday 22 November : TBA

Professor Moira Whyte, Centre for Inflammation Research, University of Edinburgh

Host: Professor Andrew Jackson

Thursday 29 November : TBA

Dr Adam Butterworth, University of Cambridge

Host: Professor Jim Wilson


Thursday 6 December : Decoding cellular signals during developmental transitions: lessons from stem cells

 Professor Silvia Santos, Francis Crick Institute

Host: Professor Andrew Jackson



Thursday 10 January : Structure and mechanism of INO80 family chromatin remodellers

 Professor Dale Wigley, Imperial College London

Host: Professor Nick Gilbert

Thursday 17 January : TBA

 Professor Jussi Taipale, University of Cambridge

Host: Professor Colin Semple

Thursday 24th January : Mental health and circadian rhythms in the UK Biobank cohort

Professor Daniel Smith, University of Glasgow

Host: Professor David Porteous

Thursday 31 January : TBA

Professor Didier Trono, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne

Host: Professor Martin Taylor


Thursday 7 February : TBA

Professor Paul Mischel, Ludwig Cancer Research, UC San Diego

Host: Juliet Luft

Tuesday 12 February : Mechanisms of ciliary signaling: How cellular antennae work and what to do when they don’t

Professor Jeremy Reiter, UC San Francisco

Host: Dr Pleasantine Mill

Thursday 21 February : Cell type specific translation profiling in mouse models of autism

Dr Emily Osterweil, Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences, University of Edinburgh

Host: Dr Tamir Chandra

Thursday 28 February : TBA

Professor Steve Jackson, University of Cambridge

Host: Professor Neil Carragher


Thursday 7 March : TBA

Professor Paul Lehner, Cambridge Institute of Medical Research

Host: Professor Yanick Crow

Thursday 14 March : TBA

Dr Gaelle Legube, CBI Toulouse

Host: Dr Martin Reijns

Thursday 21 March : Coping with a stressful start in life

Dr Alex Gould, Francis Crick Institute

Host: Dr Andy Finch

Thursday 28 March : Organising the nucleus during tissue differentiation: silencing repeats and turning on genes

Professor Susan Gasser, Friedrich Miescher Institute

Host: Professor Wendy Bickmore


Thursday 4 April : TBA

Dr Kikue Tachibana, Institute of Molecular Biotechnology

Host: Ilia Fliamer

Thursday 25 April : Mechanistic insights into the mRNA poly(A) tail machinery

Dr Lori Passmore, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Host: Professor Javier Caceres


Thursday 2 May : TBA

Professor Lalita Ramakrishnan,  University of Cambridge

Host: Professor Andrew Jackson

Thursday 9 May : TBA

Dr Tilo Kunath, MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine, University of Edinburgh

Host: Dr Kathy Evans

Thursday 16 May : The Opportunity in "Crisis" - How the focus on reproducibility can lead us to better science

Professor Malcolm Macleod, Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences, University of Edinburgh

Host: Kathryn Jones

Tuesday 28 May : TBA

Professor Ibrahim Cisse, MIT

Host: Professor Wendy Bickmore


Thursday 27 June : TBA

Professor Nicolas Manel, Institut Curie, Paris

Host: Professor Yanick Crow


Thursday 4 July : TBA

Dr Gaia Pigino, Max Panck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics

Host: Dr Pleasantine Mill