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Study of pioneer transcription factor dynamics during vertebrate Zygotic Genome Activation

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Project Description

How do transcription factors (TFs) regulate development at the correct time, dosage and place? How do they “know” how to “find” their target sites in live cells, with ultimate precision and specificity? Many developmental disorders are caused by haploinsufficiencies of TFs, thus their concentration and molecular behaviour is critical for directing correct embryonic development. However, how do TF concentration, chromatin-binding kinetics and cell-to-cell heterogeneity (noise) regulate function and specification in live tissue temporally/spatially?

We will use advanced genetic tools and microscopy-based methodology to tackle these very fundamental questions at the single-molecule level. We will investigate how cell-to-cell variability in pioneer TF concentration and their chromatin binding kinetics in live zebrafish embryos determine the robustness and temporal precision of Zygotic Genome Activation. We will also study what developmental consequences the absence of such control has during early embryogenesis.

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Application guidelines

Applicants should hold at least an upper second class degree in a relevant subject and comply with English language requirements (see application page).  

Application Deadline: 18th January 2019

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