MSc Epidemiology

Fees and funding

Information on course fees, payment options, scholarships and other financial support.

Fee examples and how to pay them

Award Study mode Estimated fees for September 2023 entry
Masters Part time (3 years) £19,100 (£6,370 per year)
Postgraduate Diploma Part time (2 years) £12,735 (£6,370 per year)
Postgraduate Certificate Part time (1 years) £6,370
Postgraduate Professional Development
  • Intermittent
  • Paid in credit blocks
  • 10-credit block = £1,065
  • 20-credit block = £2,125

Tuition fees are set centrally by the University of Edinburgh and in the majority of cases they increase every year.

For students whose studies commenced in 2022-23 or earlier, tuition fees will increase each year. You should take this annual tuition fee increase into consideration when you estimate your fees for a degree.

From 2023-24 tuition fees for new entrants will be fixed for the duration of their programme. If you joined us from August 2023 onwards and you are studying for a degree or qualification that will take more than one year to complete, the fee charged will be fixed at the level charged on the year of entry. 

Link to complete information about fees and intermittent options

How to pay fees

The Fees Department will contact you through your MyEd account when you are due to pay your fees.

Link to find out more about paying your fees

All communications on how to pay your fees should be with the Finance Helpline.

Link to contact the Finance Helpline

Funding options

Scholarships and bursaries

The University of Edinburgh offers a small number of scholarships to outstanding candidates. These are very competitive. We publish data on the success rate for scholarship applications to help you understand the level of demand.

Link to scholarship application success rates


The Glenmore Postgraduate Scholarship

Link to more details for the Glenmore Postgraduate Scholarship


The Edinburgh Global Online Learning Masters Scholarships

Link to more details for the Edinburgh Global Online Learning Masters Scholarships


Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships

We are offering several awards covering tuition fees. These scholarships will be awarded to outstanding candidates who are citizens of and resident in low- and middle-income Commonwealth countries. Successful applicants will benefit from the University’s Global Academy network.

Link to Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships

If you would like to learn more about the scholarship, you might find this video useful. In the video, the team describe the scholarship and share some best practice ways to apply.

Link to CSC event video

Please note: You must apply to both the CSC and the University of Edinburgh for your application to be considered.


Other options

If you're not eligible to apply for these scholarships, you may be able to apply for one of the following instead:

Link to Graduate Discount Scheme 


Alumni discounts

The University of Edinburgh offers a 10% discount on postgraduate tuition fees for all alumni who have graduated with an undergraduate degree from the University of Edinburgh.

Link to more information about funding for prospective postgraduates

Link to online learning scholarship options


UK government postgraduate loans

If you live in the UK, you may be able to apply for a postgraduate loan from one of the UK’s governments.

The type and amount of financial support you are eligible for will depend on:

  • your programme
  • the duration of your studies
  • your tuition fee status

Programmes studied on a part-time intermittent basis are not eligible.