MSc Data Science for Health and Social Care

MSc Data Science for Health and Social Care

A snapshot of our programme: Data is revolutionising the way Health and Social Care is delivered. The demand in this sector for professionals with data science skills is unprecedented. Now more than ever, data science has become essential for people working in Health and Social Care roles and those seeking to develop relevant skills in the area. This has led to the development of our online programme in Data Science for Health and Social Care.

Our data-driven programme will equip you with the data science skills, capabilities, and competencies that will allow you to realise the value of data in your current role, open new career opportunities and make an impact on the future of the Health and Social Care sector.

Within our suite, we offer a Postgraduate Certificate (1 year), Postgraduate Diploma (2 years), Masters (3 years). We also offer standalone Postgraduate Professional Development (PPD) short courses for those who prefer to build their learning up over a period of time.

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We aim to equip you with the skills to use the transformational power of data to improve health and wellbeing, and the management of care systems, locally and globally.

When you study with us you will join our online learning community at one of the world’s top universities, globally recognised for research, development and innovation.

Read some examples of how the programme can be tailored to meet the needs of students from a wide range of experience and backgrounds.

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You will need to complete an online application. Find information on entry requirements, how to apply, references and English Language requirements.