Master of Public Health

Our students

Our students are from a great diversity of different academic and professional backgrounds.

Map of the world showing where are community are located.
Our community participate from all over the world.

They come from all over the world.  We currently have over 120 students on the programme, from around 40 different countries.

They bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and practical examples to the programme.  You can be part of this international community, engaging in online discussions on current issues in public and global health.  Broaden your expertise through collaborative study and interaction with colleagues. 

Student experiences

Watch our videos to hear what our students and graduates say about studying the MPH online programme.

Video: MPH Student Testimominal from Chizoba
Video testimonial from Chizoba, a student on the MPH programme.
Video: MPH Student Testimominal from Anacret
Video testimonial from Anacret, a student on the MPH proogramme

Student testimonials

Overall, my experience on the MPH has transformed me. The program has helped me acquire solid technical skills while also teaching me to combine the ‘theoretical’ with the ‘practical’, all of which I have applied directly in my work. I recommend this programme wholeheartedly.

DeepikaPublic Health Analyst., US, CDC

Thanks to the MPH, I have a much deeper understanding of evidence-based medicine and what goes on behind the scenes in the formulation of clinical practice and other guidelines. Secondly, I no longer hold the notion that the noncommunicable disease (NCD) epidemic is due to random bad individual choices; the social determinants of health and the role of the environment in health related decisions are concepts that are now ingrained in my thinking, and which I keep in mind when interacting with patients.

RukayyaInternal Medicine resident (physician), Nigeria

The MPH at the University of Edinburgh has been a great experience. I would highly recommend the programme to everybody interested in practice-oriented modules and high flexibility for arranging studies and professional life.  The support from tutors and peers facilitated by a user-friendly online platform is excellent.

TobiasPublic Health Consultant, Germany