Master of Public Health

Personal statement & Relevant knowledge and experience

Tips on how to write your personal statement

Length and writing style

Your personal statement should be no more than 2,500 characters (approximately 400 words) in length and should be written in formal English, using appropriate grammar and punctuation.

Please ONLY use the indicated area in the application form, do NOT attach a personal statement as word document or pdf document

Personal Statement

  • Demonstrate your commitment and enthusiasm for Public Health

    • Demonstrate your understanding of specific Public Health issues
    • You might draw on your previous experience or study
  • Explain why you wish to enrol in the University of Edinburgh MPH programme
    • Give your career aspirations and how the programme will help you achieve them
    • Explain your preference for this specific MPH programme offered by the University of Edinburgh

Relevant knowledge and experience

  • Demonstrate your existing academic and non-academic abilities and how these would enable you to progress through the programme

    • This includes past academic and work experience, including voluntary experience