Summer School in Clinical Education (ESSCE) 2021 has been cancelled

Scholarship information

Application criteria and procedures for Summer School Scholarships.





Applicants currently contributing to undergraduate medical education at the University of Edinburgh, or contribute to other core activities of the Centre for Medical Education such as tutoring on the MSc Clinical Education or Clinical Educator Programme, are eligible to apply for a scholarship.  It is expected that candidates might look to their department or Postgraduate Deanery study budgets (via their Programme Director) to fund the remaining costs.

 Please note the closing date for scholarship applications for 2020 is now the 3oth of April 2020 .


Please submit your application using the survey form below to outline your current teaching duties/experience, the benefits to you of attending the summer school and how this might impact on your future teaching for the University of Edinburgh Medical School. Payment is required within two weeks of  acceptence.


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