Summer School in Clinical Education (ESSCE) 2023

Polish Scholarships for ESSCE

Polish Scholarships for ESSCE


Call for Polish School of Medicine Memorial Fund Scholarship Applications Edinburgh Summer School in Clinical Education (ESSCE)

Course Dates: Monday 21st – Thursday 24th August 2023

Closing Date for Applications:  23.59hrs (GMT) Wednesday May 31st 2023


The Polish School of Medicine Memorial Fund supports a thriving scholarship programme that enables successful applicants to undertake a period of further study or research at The University of Edinburgh Medical School and related institutions.  

 The Scholarship

A maximum of 4 scholarships will be available. Each scholarship will cover the cost of the course fee and accommodation for the duration of the course (plus the Sunday night prior to the start of the course on the Monday and until the morning of 25th August 2023) in single en-suite rooms at John Burnett House,Pollock Halls of Residence on a bed &breakfast basis.


The programme is open to Polish medical scientists

  • in their early career (usually within 10 years of their medical graduation - MB ChB equivalent)
  • working in Polish Medical Academies/Universities and Research Institutes
  • with excellent mastery of English and  
  • committed to the further development of expertise in medical education in Poland.   

Note:  The founders of the Polish School of Medicine Memorial Fund Scholarship Programme and subsequent donors expect successful applicants to return to their units/ departments in Poland on completion of course.  They also expect that those who are awarded a scholarship will use their newfound skills to further enhance and develop Polish medicine, thereby fostering academic links between Polish Medical Universities and Research Institutes and The University of Edinburgh.  

The Edinburgh Summer School Clinical Education 2023. The Edinburgh Summer School in Clinical Education (ESSCE) consists of presentations and interactive workshops to enable participants to develop their skills around teaching, learning and assessment. The course provides enough theory to give participants the tools and the confidence to lead change, evaluate developments and ensure excellence in your future practice.  

For further information about the course, please see


How to apply:

Applications should be sent to Dr Maria Długołęcka-Graham at:   

Candidates should supply the following letters/ documents in support of their application:  

  • an up to date Curriculum Vitae in English giving sufficient information about their achievements and particularly their teaching experience to date so that an informed decision about their suitability can be made. A list merely giving dates, hospital names and job titles is not acceptable;  
  • verified* copy of the diploma issued by the University or other body granting the applicant’s medical qualification;  
  • verified* copy of the IELTS certificate or other certificate being submitted as evidence of satisfactory mastery of the English language.   Note: Language skills may be assessed by Skype or telephone interview for those who are fluent in English but do not have a certificate to submit as evidence;   
  • a personal statement in English of no more than 500 words indicating why they wish to apply for this course and the likely benefit of participating in the course to them and to their medical university should they be successful with their application;
  • a letter of support preferably written in English from the Rector/Vice-Rektor of the applicant’s Medical University /Research Institute in Poland.  
  • a signed statement indicating that they will attend the full course, write, and submit a short report of their experience on the course within 1 month of its completion.      

* “verified,” means that the copy of the document is a true copy of the original. Confirmation from the Dean /Rektor’s Office or the Head of the International Office will be adequate.

Please note: Polish Documents, other than the individual’s Curriculum Vitae and their personal statements, may be submitted without translation into English.

Please send your enquiries about the scholarship to:

Dr Maria Długołęcka-Graham MBE at

NB Closing Date for Applications:  23.590hrs (GMT) Wednesday May 31st 2023