College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine

2022 winners

Winners announced for 2022 awards.


Staff from across the College came together on 10 November at the historic Playfair Library for a special event,  where the winners of this year's Staff Recognition Awards were announced.

Hosted by Acting Head of College, Professor David Argyle, award-winners across ten categories were chosen from a short-list of over 250 nominees. 

The judges decided to award joint winners in all categories, while an additional award for Exceptional Service was also presented. 




Collaborator award  

  • Esther Duncan  
  • Marshall Dozier  


Community engagement award 

  • Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre Delivery Team  
  • Ingrid Young 


Equality, diversity and inclusion award

  • Julia Dorin  
  • Laura Glendinning  


Excellent newcomer award 

  • Maheva Vallet  
  • Vasso Lazou  


Innovation award 

  • Donald Davidson  
  • Laura Wardrop  


Inspiring others award 

  • Joyce Thomson 
  • Stephen Lissaman  


Internationalism award  

  • Graciela Muniz Terrera  
  • Sue Welburn  


Student experience award 

  • Dana Grigore  
  • Elaine Fairchild  
  • Pau Navarro  


Outstanding colleague award  

The judges chose to give the award to all ten short-listed nominees.

  • Ahsan Akram 
  • Alison Smith 
  • Chris McKenzie 
  • Gareth Hardisty 
  • Gillian Jackson 
  • Gillian Jones 
  • Joanne Ness 
  • Laura Gonzalez Rienda
  • Michelle Hart
  • Rozanna Meijboom  


Team excellence award  

  • The Research Governance and Pharmacovigilance Team  
  • The Science Insights Team 


Exceptional service

  • Stephen Lissaman


Staff Recognition Awards 2022 short-list