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Staff spotlight

Read about our research and outreach activities at the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine.

Tara Spire Jones and investigating the ageing brain

Tara Spires-Jones
We talk to Dr Tara Spires Jones, Chancellor’s Fellow and interim Director of the Centre for Cognitive and Neural Systems. Her research group studies brain changes in ageing and neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer's.

Julie Dickson and the spatial teaching of veterinary anatomy

Julie Dickson teaching veterinary students
Julie Dickson is researching new and innovative ways of teaching veterinary anatomy and picking up EUSA teaching awards along the way.

Jamie Davies and tissue engineering of organs

Jamie Davies collects his award at the 2016 EUSA Teaching Awards
EUSA teaching award winner Jamie Davies questions how complex biological form develops from simple beginnings.

Melanie Stefan and understanding learning and memory

Melanie Stefan at her desk
Melanie Stefan is investigating what happens within nerve cells when we learn and remember.

Richard Mellanby and comparative medicine research

Richard Mellanby and veterinary student carry our an assessment
Richard Mellanby aims to advance understanding on how an inflammatory response develops and is restrained in companion, farm and wild animals.

Heather Bacon and animal welfare

Heather Bacon assessing a lion
Heather Bacon was awarded CEVA Chris Laurence Vet of the Year 2016 for her commitment to the continued improvement of animal welfare.

Lonneke Vervelde and avian immunology

Lonneke Vervelde
Lonneke Vervelde is based at The Roslin Institute, aiming to contribute to a more sustainable poultry industry.

Sir Ian Wilmut and redirecting cell fate

Sir Ian Wilmut and Dolly the Sheep
Twenty years after the creation of Dolly the Sheep, Sir Ian Wilmut is working on the 'reprogramming' of cells.

Scott Webster and drug discovery

Scott Webster
Dr Scott Webster is a Reader in Drug Discovery for Cardiovascular Science at the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, and a graduate of the University of Edinburgh.

Dream Team

Edinburgh Fertility Preservation
A team of Edinburgh alumni and current staff are leading the way in the development of fertility preservation procedures for young cancer patients.

Edinburgh's Indiana Jones

In Columbia with oxen
As part of our series highlighting the work of staff at the University, we focus on the ongoing career of Anatomy Manager, Iain Campbell.

Paving the Way for Dementia Prevention

Professor Craig Ritchie
This month’s staff focus sheds light on Professor Craig Ritchie and his team’s efforts to pinpoint the factors that affect the development of dementia.

Research Recognised

Professor Brian Walker
In October 2015 Professor Brian Walker was presented with the Chancellor’s Award shortly before taking up his role as Director of Research for the College.