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The University of Edinburgh is a founding member of the Eurolife Network of European Universities in Life Sciences, a consortium of nine leading research driven European universities committed to the highest standards of research and education in the life and health sciences. It seeks to facilitate student exchanges, research collaboration and other links. See below re: annual exchange quotas and tuition fees waiver.

Eurolife member institutions


Universitat de Barcelona


Steering Committee. Eurolife Chair

Francisco Ciruela   

Education Alliance. EEA Chair

Amparo Cortés   

Network Liaison Officer

Amanda Fillat  


University of Edinburgh – College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine


Steering Committee

Professor Rebecca Reynolds

Education Alliance

Professor Rebecca Reynolds

Network Liaison Officer

Dr Marja Main


University Medical Center Göttingen


Steering Committee


Education Alliance


Network Liaison Officer

Agnieszka Buelens


Karolinska Institutet


Steering Committee

Lennart Nilsson   

Education Alliance

Jonas Sundbäck   

Network Liaison Officer

Anna Dahlerus   

Medical University of Innsbruck


Steering Committee

Christine Bandtlow   

Education Alliance

Christoph Schwarzer   

Network Liaison Officer

Peter Josten   


Leiden University Medical Center


Steering Committee

Pancras Hogendoorn   

Education Alliance

Arko Gorter   

Network Liason Officer

Pieter de Koning   


Semmelweis University


Steering Committee

László Hunyady   

Education Alliance

László Hunyady    András Matolcsy  

Network Liaison Officer

Karolina Kalocsai   


Trinity College Dublin – School of Medicine


Steering Committee

Michael Gill   

Education Alliance

Ross McManus   

Network Liaison Officer

Reseach Office   


University of Strasbourg


Steering Committee

Catherine Schuster   

Education Alliance

Joern Pütz   

Network Liaison Officer

Sandrine Schott-Carrière   


At present the University of Edinburgh has agreed: 

  • to receive up  to two students per academic year  from other Eurolife universities;  and  
  • to send up to two students per academic year  from the University of Edinburgh.

The Eurolife student exchange agreement pre-dates the introduction of tuition fees in Scotland so no tuition fees are payable for approved Eurolife exchange visits to the University of Edinburgh.


Paul McGuire, Research Officer College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine, The Queen's Medical Research Institute

The University of Edinburgh

47 Little France Crescent Edinburgh EH16 4TJ



Who can apply?

Postgraduate students from the University of Edinburgh and other Eurolife institutions are welcome to apply.

Benefits of student exchanges

The benefits of an exchange for the student are significant.

Costs and expenses

Normally, the student is expected to pay for their travel, accommodation, living and associated costs, but not tuition fees or lab costs/bench fees.

Further information

Duration and quota of exchange visits and a list of other resources.

Exchange enquiries

Please contact the University of Edinburgh Eurolife Administrator, Paul McGuire, in the first instance.

Eurolife research collaboration

Eurolife is also very keen to facilitate research collaboration between researchers in partner institutions, including combined research funding applications.

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