College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine


The University provides a range of resources and services to support the wellbeing of its staff and students.

Health and wellbeing


Mental Health Mentor Service

The university offers a mentoring service for students who have long-term mental health issues.

This is part of the university's pledge to challenge the stigma of mental illness through its commitment to the Scottish Government "see me" campaign.

University Mental Health Mentor Service

Student Disability Service See Me Pledge

See Me Scotland website - find out more or join the movement

Mental wellbeing

The Mental Wellbeing pages contain information on:

- how to manage your own stress

- how to support your staff who may be suffering from stress

- the university policies designed to support health and wellbeing

- the confidential counselling service available free to all staff

Mental Wellbeing at the University of Edinburgh

Physical wellbeing

The Physical Wellbeing pages contain information on:

- how the university can support you to become more physically active

- what to do if your physcial health is affecting your work

Physical Wellbeing at the University of Edinburgh

Workplace support

The Workplace Support pages contain information for all staff on:

- the free Staff Counselling Service, available to all staff

- the Occupational Health Unit - offering advice and guidance to employees and managers on any workplace-related health issues, including how to be referred

- health and safety in the workplace

Workplace Support at the University of Edinburgh

Healthy lifestyles

The Lifestyle pages contain information on:

- diet and nutrition and the university's commitment to a Healthy Food Agenda

- the university policies which support families (including on pregnancy, children, family leave)

- advice and support on how best to manage your finances (including information on pensions, credit unions and tax credits)

Healthy Lifestyles at the University of Edinburgh


Remploy Mental Health Support

Remploy provides a range of services, including workplace mental health support. Their confidential and impartial service will help you to stay in or return to your job. It's available at no cost to you, and you can take part with or without your employer's involvement.

To find out more, contact the Remploy support team:

Remploy website - Get confidential in-work support from Remploy