College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine


Lectures, podcasts and other resources exploring the issues of equality, diversity, inclusion and decolonising the curriculum.

At the University of Edinburgh, we are working to ensure our campus is a safe environment for everybody. 

The University's central Equality, Diversity and Inclusion website has a range of training courses, tailored to both staff and students. 

Courses cover themes such as:

  • challenging unconscious bias
  • mental health awareness
  • tacking harrassment
  • gender diversity awareness training.

Equality, diversity and inclusion website: training modules for staff

Equality, diversity and inclusion for students

The content that follows in this section includes resources either created by or tailored specifically for staff and students at the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine. 


Public lectures exploring themes of ethnicity, equality, diversity and inclusion.


Podcasts broadly exploring the theme of equality, diversity and inclusion.