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Central Area

Health and Safety information for CMVM Central Area, including Biomedical Sciences, Centre for Population Health Sciences and the Dental Institute. Feel free to contact your friendly Health and Safety Manager if you have any questions.

Biomedical researcher

Biomedical Sciences Safety Organisation: Responsibilities

Risk Assessment

Chemical Training

Biological Safety

Electrical Equipment

Radiation Safety

Waste Disposal

Safety Training Record for Work Involving Biological Materials

Radioactive Isotope Stock Entry Record

Fire Safety Checklist

How to obtain Approval for Genetic Modification Work

Responsibilities of Group Leaders and Principal Investigators with regard to Genetic Modification and Biological Safety work

Additional Compound List for Scheme of Work Form

Individual Safety Record Sheets

Contact Details and Induction Checklist

Statutory Health Surveillance (Respiratory and Skin): Information for line managers, supervisors, and Safety Advisers

Visit the University of Edinburgh's guidance on Statutory Health Surveillance (Respitory and Skin).

Liquid Nitrogen: Local Rules and Guidance

Radiation Protection Supervisor Duties for Biomedical Sciences Central Area

University of Edinburgh Unsealed Radioactive Material Monthly Return

Biomedical Sciences Usage Log

Asbestos Action Plan and Guidance

School of Biological Sciences Glove Selection Guide

SBMS03: Controls on Hazardous Substances: Risk Assessment and Licensing Requirements and Risk Phrases to Flag

SBMS04_Safe use of UV Transilluminators

Disinfectants of Choice and Recommended Dilutions

Guidance on Storage of Incompatible Chemicals

Preparing a Spill Response Plan

Recommended Response to Chemical Spill

Gas Regulator Checklist

Usage Log for Radioactive materials

Health and Safety Induction Information Pack

Biomedical Sciences Health and Safety Structure

Local Rules for Deanery of Biomedical Sciences: Central Area

Visit our restricted section on local rules for the Deanery of Biomedical Sciences in Edinburgh's Central Area.


Gina Browse

Health & Safety Manager (Edinburgh Medical School - Central Area)

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