Edinburgh Clinical Academic Track (ECAT)

ECATRIP meetings 2018

ECATRIP meetings are held three times each year and include breakfast!


ECATRIP (ECAT Research In Progress) meetings start with breakfast from 08:30 and talks take place from 09:00 until 12:00.  Several speakers, usually four, are invited to give a presentation around a central theme.  The meetings are organised by a committee comprising ECAT fellows in the second year of their PhD.  This way, the fellows themselves can shape each meeting according to their own interests.

Meetings usually take place on the last Wednesday of August, November and February each year. 

Meeting dates 2018

Wednesday 28 February, Wednesday 29 August and Wednesday 28 November 2018.


2018 meeting programmes are available below (these are usually published just before the date of the meeting).