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Hello! My name is Meghan and I’ll be taking over the vet Instagram account this week!


  • I am a postgraduate student in the Clinical Animal Behavior Program. I live in Richmond, VA USA. I love all animals (esp. Elephants, great apes, big cats, cows, sheep, dogs, horses, and … you get the point) and enjoy learning everything about animal behaviour, but most of my work is focused on feline behaviour. I’m a Certified Feline Training & Behavior Specialist (CFTBS).
  • Over winter break, I completed my Fear Free Professional (Animal Trainer) certification. Additionally, I have a Masters of Natural Resources from Virginia Tech. Professionally, I work full time in a non-animal related job, but I also have a second job working as a feline behaviour specialist at the Richmond SPCA. In this role, I answer behaviour helpline calls and offer low-cost consultations to the community. I am also a longtime volunteer on a special behaviour team for shelter cats.
  • I also run the Instagram account @the_pawsitivelady where I share photos of cats while also covering a whole lot of important behaviour topics.


This time last year, I had accepted my offer, but still had questions, and perhaps, even a few lingering reservations! I found the takeovers by students in the program to be so helpful which is why I jumped at this opportunity! I even found a couple of fellow students who have become friends and mentors. If you are considering this program, I strongly encourage you to follow along and ask questions.






I'd like to discuss my overall experience of studying online because I know a lot of people are curious. Even though I'm not in Edinburgh, I think it is important to keep the mindset of being part of the university, not just studying a course online.

I received my acceptance offer at the same time we were being sent home due to Covid-19. There have been a lot of challenges and changes over the past year and while many businesses, schools, etc. were figuring out new online systems, platforms, this program has continued to seem like the one place where things are exactly as they are meant to be. The university does a flawless job of running this program. It offers the perfect balance of flexibility and structure, and even though it is a (very, VERY) challenging program, I feel fully supported and know that I can engage with the material and lecturers as much as I need to. 


  • There are plenty of opportunities to connect and collaborate with students and program leadership, teachers, and researchers. I can't say enough about the expertise and knowledge of this teaching us. We have also access to fantastic interactive online resources including the latest research articles and full textbooks.
  • There are online meeting rooms, discussion forums, and multiple options during each teaching block to participate in live sessions. Live sessions allow us to participate, as a class, in case studies, ask questions about assessments, and a whole other host of things I can’t think of right now! I highly recommend participating in them live if you can (they are recorded if you can't make it).  




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