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Hi, my name is Mary and I will be taking over the Dick Vet IG this week.

I am a student in the online MSc Equine Science course. I am here to answer your questions on online learning at Master's level and Equine Science in general. I have been on the course for 2 years and have not yet seen the campus so I will share photos of different places around the world where I have lived or submitted assignments!

Throughout the week, I'll share tips on fitting online study in with work, children, horses, dogs and other commitments. As masters students, we often study 'after hours' as we fit studying around work.

Throughout the course, we reviewed all training methods from a scientific perspective and discovered how technology such as pressure pads, force plates or rein tension monitors can measure the interaction between horse and rider to improve equine welfare. We had super motivational lectures by equine sports professionals on horse and rider psychology and performance. I also really enjoyed the introduction to biomechanics. By studying the basics of Learning Theory, we learnt how horses learn from their perspective. We then had fun practising with our own horses. This course completely changed my relationship with my own horse and horses in general in a positive way. For those who can't commit to a full Masters programme, courses can also be taken as part of the Postgraduate Professional Development pathway (2 modules). 




Click below to learn more about Mary's online masters programme:


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