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I'm Alisha, a PhD student based at the Centre for Regenerative Medicine and I'll be taking over the Edinburgh Medical School Instagram for a couple of days.

I am based in the Forrester lab at the Centre, which is a part of the Institute for Regeneration and Repair, working on the role of macrophages in anaemia (specifically congenital dyserythropoietic anaemia type 4).
Today I will be showing you what my day looks like and answering your questions!


Click below to learn more about Alisha's programme and the opportunities available at the University's Centre for Regenerative Medicine.

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In my Instagram stories Q&A, I answered questions about PhD funding, how to study at Edinburgh, PhD entry requirements and interview process, tips for first years, my Master's background and some personal recommendations. If you have any more questions about Edinburgh or PhD life you can always message Edinburgh Medical School on Instagram or ask me on Twitter @alishamay1305


alisha q&a
alisha q&a
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