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Postgraduate students blog about their current research, public engagement work, activities away from University and life as a student in Edinburgh.

On-campus students

Sinéad O’Carroll & Bérengère Digard

PhD and stuff bloggers
Berengere and Sinead, two of our amazing research students

Bérengère and Sinéad are both PhD students in the Department of Psychiatry based in the Patrick Wild Centre.

Bérengère is studying bilingualism in Autism and Sinéad is studying maternal communication in preterm infants.

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Katherine Bonnycastle

Katherine Bonnycastle, on-campus student
Katherine Bonnycastle, on-campus student

I studied PhD in Biomedical Sciences (Integrative Physiology) and have just submitted my final thesis! Read about my experiences before, during and after thesis submission.

In my spare time I enjoy experimenting with different recipes in the kitchen, practicing yoga (there's nothing like a good downward-facing dog!) and travelling when I can.

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Kayla Stovall

Kayla Stovall
Kayla Stovall, on-campus student

Hello I am Kayla Stovall from Dallas, Texas. In fall 2017 I started a one-year taught Masters of Public Health (MPH) here at the University of Edinburgh thanks to the generosity of the Rotary Foundation's Global Grant Scholarship. I look forward to sharing my experience here with you. 

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Elizabeth Begg

Elizabeth Begg, on-campus student

I moved from California to Glasgow and I commute to Edinburgh everyday! I have a BS in health science-public health and sociology and I am now studying for a research masters in Integrative Neuroscience. Read my blog to learn about my experiences and how awesome working with rats can be! 

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Online learning students


Mark Alday
Mark Alday is one of our talented online students

Mark Alday

I am a current MSc student studying Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases at the University of Edinburgh. As an online student, I mainly work as a surveillance microbiologist at a state public health laboratory in the United States. Outside of the (virtual) classroom and laboratory, I enjoy baking, listening to music, and gazing out of airplane windows. Check out my blog to ride along on my journey through this interesting programme!

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Daniela da Fonseca Ribeiro

Daniela da Fonseca Ribeiro
Daniela is one of our talented Online Learning students

I am currently in the second year of a MSc in Neuroimaging for Research. This is a part-time online learning postgraduate programme that has given me the opportunity to undertake a Masters degree whilst working at the same time.

During my free time I enjoy going to the theatre, travelling to different countries and going for walks in the park. Have a look at my blog to find out more about my online learning journey.

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Nancy McLean

Nancy McLean
Nancy McLean is one of our talented online students

I am an online learner from the mid-west U.S.A, pursuing my MSc in Equine Science. I am in my third year and eagerly preparing to begin my dissertation research in September 2018.

I have been involved in Thoroughbred Racing for 21 years. Follow my blog if you want to get a glimpse of farm life with Thoroughbreds (plus one Welsh pony), while working towards a postgraduate degree from this well-known and respected University.

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Please enjoy reading blogs from our previous graduates

Kiki Oluwarore

Kiki Oluwarore, student blogger
Kiki Oluwarore, student blogger

I'm an online Masters student in Global Health and Infectious Diseases; and thanks to the Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarship for helping me get started. Simultaneously, I’m a Health and Development professional based in Nigeria and I love reading, writing, travelling, playing board games and lots of music! Scroll through my notes to get a glimpse of my Edinburgh online journey.

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Chiara Herzog

Chiara Herzog, student blogger
Chiara Herzog, student blogger

Having completed a MSc by Research in Integrative Neuroscience at the University of Edinburgh, I am now in the first year of my PhD in Neuroscience based at the Centre for Neuroregeneration in Edinburgh. Read my blog to take a look behind the scenes of postgraduate study and student life in one of the UK's most prestigious universities.

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Priya Hari

Priya Hari, student blogger
Priya Hari, student blogger

I'm in the 4th year of my PhD in the Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre. When I tell people I do cancer research, the immediate reaction is always 'Wow! that's amazing!' but what is life as a PhD student doing cancer research really like? Find out here!

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Pheobe Kirkwood


Phoebe Kirkwood, student blogger
Phoebe Kirkwood, student blogger

I am a third year PhD student on the Tissue Repair programme specialising in Reproductive Health. I studied in Edinburgh to gain my Bachelor's degree in Medical Sciences and loved the Uni and city so much I decided to stay on for my further research. Outside of the lab I enjoy socialising with my friends, salsa dancing, dabbling in sports such as Tennis and swimming and have recently started baking as a hobby! My blog takes you through the major challenges I have faced so far, will give you a brief idea of what goes on in the life of a PhD student and how I keep busy in my spare time. I hope you enjoy the read!!! 

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