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Why Study an MSc Integrated Global Health Degree?

Find out more about our exciting new online MSc Integrated Global Health.

What would you say if you learned that biomedical scientists, social scientists, engineers, community development specialists, policy experts, economists, ecologists, town planners and many others all have crucial roles to play in global health? When we think of global health, we might think first of medicine and nursing, but in fact this is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Protecting and improving human health in our interconnected world is a fascinating area of study and practice that draws on many professions and disciplines. It is in recognition of this crucial pillar of life as a whole, that the MSc Integrated Global Health postgraduate programme was created.  

The fully-flexible programme can perhaps be summarised best in the description by one of its co-directors, who said:

“This flexible cross-disciplinary online programme is designed for students from diverse locales, experiences, and backgrounds, helping each of them to build new relationships across cultures and disciplinary areas as they explore many complex global health issues. It is my hope that students will integrate and deepen their learning to become more ethical, active and informed members of our ever-growing University of Edinburgh global health community.” 

Dr Su GoopyProgramme Co-Director


What can you expect to get out of this degree? The complete list of what this programme has to offer is available here, but in the words of its other co-director:

 “As a global health student at the University, you will join a vibrant, worldwide community of like-minded scholars and practitioners. University of Edinburgh academics are at the forefront of global health research and innovation at this exciting and pivotal moment in history. Please come and join us to share your expertise and insights.” 

Dr Ruth McQuillan Programme Co-Director

Whatever your professional or disciplinary background, if you are interested in choosing electives taken from programmes across the University of Edinburgh, and you’d like to explore connections between the multifaceted topic of global health, this online programme will be of interest to you. You can choose to study a one-year postgraduate certificate, a two-year postgraduate diploma or a three-year Master’s. 

If you’re wondering about the benefits of online learning, and how this compares to an on-campus degree, please visit our online learning webpages here.  

To learn more about our programme, please visit our degree finder page here and apply.  


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