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Tutor of the Month #3: Prashant Mulawkar

Each month we profile one of our fantastic postgraduate tutors. This September we chat to Prashant Mulawkar, a consultant urologist and tutor for the ChM Urology.

Q&A with Prashant Mulawkar 

1. Tell us a little bit about your career so far.

Prashant Mulawkar

I am a Consulting Urologist and have been practicing general urology for over twenty years. I possess vast experience in performing almost all endourological and open surgical procedures in urology. 

I started my own urology practice in a remote area of Maharashtra, India. There I established a urology unit from scratch. My clinical interests lie in urinary stone disease and general urology.


2. What is your role in the ChM Urology programme? 

I recently joined the ChM Urology as a tutor on the 1st year Stones Disease course. I interact with students on a regular basis and teach them the practical knowledge needed for managing urolithiasis.


3. Why is this particular area of study so important?

Studying stones disease is important because of how common it is as a urological disorder. I have personally treated urinary stones of all different types and at all locations in the urinary tract. 


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