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Q&A with Zhen Wei Choo, Senior Resident working in Singapore

Zhen Wei Choo recently completed the ChM Urology. He is a Senior Resident in the Singapore National Health Group urology residency training programme. He chats to us about the benefits and challenges of online learning, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic.

1. First of all, tell us a bit about yourself and your career so far.

After completing my medical school in Australia, I came back to Singapore as an intern and have been working here ever since.

Currently I am a senior resident in the Singapore National Health Group urology residency training programme, spending the past 8 years at the Urology Department in Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore. 


Zhen Wei Choo at a conference

2. Why did you decide to pursue online study at the University of Edinburgh?

The programme came highly recommended by my fellow peers. This is a flexible online programme which covers all the basic elements of urology.

More importantly it is conducted by a reputable university - definitely an opportunity that I could not resist!


3. What was your favourite aspect of the ChM Urology? What was the biggest challenge?

The avid discussion and sharing of knowledge and experiences among students from different parts of the world was my favourite aspect of the course.

The biggest challenge was actually to complete the course in the final semester during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Given the nature of the pandemic, I had to serve at the National Center of Infectious Disease while focusing on the crucial research project. However, the university has provided a lot of support to ensure that we can successfully complete the programme. 


4. How has this programme impacted your work with patients?

The ChM Urology has really taught me to critically reflect on my daily clinical practice and apply evidence-based medicine.

It has also widened my perspective on various cases given the exchange of knowledge coming from different backgrounds within the programme.


5. How will the ChM Urology benefit your career?

It is a stepping stone in preparation for my training programme exit as well as the FRCS exams.

In addition, the specialist academic module had piqued my interest in surgical research. 


6. Who would you recommend this programme to and why?

I would highly recommend this programme to any urology trainee.

This programme allows you the flexibility of online learning and delivers a well-structured academic modules which is facilitated by experienced tutors, who are all leading experts in their respective subspecialties. 


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