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What Is Accreditation and Why Is It Important?

In this blog post, we explain what accreditation means for online programmes and why it's so important.

 What is accreditation?

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Online programmes receive accreditation when they are officially verified by an external body. The verification process can be lengthy and involves assessment of the programme structure and content by a board of experts from the external institution in question. 

Once an institution verifies a particular masters programme, it will be able to declare itself as officially accredited and enjoy all of the benefits that come with such an award.

Why is it significant? 

It’s extremely hard for an online course to earn an accreditation. Gaining an endorsement like this means that the masters has been recognised by an independent body for its outstanding course design and content, as well as the continued relevance of the programme within a professional setting. 

Accreditation means that programmes can boast of increased employability among their graduates, as well as recognition on the global academic stage. 

It also helps to convince potential applicants that they will be equipped with relevant skills that will easily transfer from the virtual classroom to the workplace. 

The accreditation process can also help programme staff to identify any weaknesses in their existing offering while further building on their strengths - a significant advantage for staff, students and other stakeholders. 


Our accredited online degrees

Many of our degrees at the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine are accredited by professional bodies and organisations.


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