MSc/Pg Dip/Pg Cert Clinical Education

Dr Ed Mellanby

NHS Lothian, Edinburgh

Consultant in Anaesthesia and Simulation Lead for Faculty Development in NHS Lothian


I am a clinician who is passionate about the power of simulation training, and helping others to use it responsibly and to its full potential.

I graduated from the University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in 2004, and worked in the North East of England for three years before moving to Edinburgh and South East Scotland for Anaesthetic training.  

Photo of Dr Ed Mellanby

During my training I spent two years as an Educational Fellow at the Centre for Medical Education in the University of Edinburgh Medical School. In addition to the exposure to teaching and assessment, I completed a Doctorate on the Non Technical Skills required by junior doctors.

Following the completion of my anaesthetic training in 2014, I worked as a Fellow in West Australia for nearly 3 years, where I was responsible for numerous simulation training and faculty development projects.

I have been back in Edinburgh since 2017 and working clinically as a Consultant Anaesthetist at St. Johns hospital. I am a simulation lead for NHS Lothian where my main responsibilities are within faculty development and ensuring the quality of simulation based education across five hospital sites.

I have now partnered with the Masters in Clinical Education Team at the University of Edinburgh and I am enjoying meeting people across the world to discuss Simulation Based Clinical Education.