MSc/Pg Dip/Pg Cert Clinical Education

Programme Information

The programme is for practising health professionals who wish to obtain an academic qualification in clinical education.

The programme aims to promote high quality clinical education by helping participants reflect upon, and share insights about, their teaching and learning. Additionally, to foster a considered approach to the application of educational theories and evidence from the literature to educational practice; and to help participants develop a solid foundation in clinical education and educational research upon which they can continue to build their own academic career.

Most clinicians will be able to think of someone who played an important role as a teacher in their professional development. Increasingly this educational role is seen not only as a part of what it is to be a professional, but also a professional duty enshrined in codes of practice. At the same time, career pathways are being established that recognise and reward educational leaders.

The programme is delivered in such a way that participants are encouraged to actively engage in their own education; honing their knowledge and skills to develop, deliver and research high-quality clinical education in their own discipline.  It also supports the development of collaborative and scholarly attitudes towards clinical education.

The first two years of the programme consist of three, 10-week courses.  The Certificate year of the programme is made up of three courses that are compulsory; the Diploma year has one core course and offers a range of options for the additional two courses. These options allow you to develop your interests in a particular aspect of clinical education (leadership and management, research, or a self-selected topic).  The MSc year involves a small-scale research project, conducted in your own setting, to be written up as a dissertation.   All assignments are designed to allow you to integrate your learning to your clinical practice.