MSc/Pg Dip/Pg Cert Clinical Education

Online Live Conversations

Read more about our online real-time sessions.

Each course will have regular, real-time, sessions that are delivered online and open to all, we call these live conversations. These sessions are less formally-structured than what some of you may be used to. They are a chance to meet with peers and tutors to discuss ideas, talk through concerns and generally get to know each other. They are optional and do not contain core content required for successful completion of the course. In other words, you will not be disadvantaged in terms of your assessment if you are unable to attend, particularly if you use the discussion boards to pose questions about things you are unsure of. The live conversations are recorded and can be watched later at your convenience.

We use online meeting software for the sessions which supports the use of a webcam and a chat function and allows us to record the tutorials for posting online for viewing at a later date.

You will need:

  • A computer with internet access (preferably broadband)
  • A headset with earphones and microphone (if not built-in)
  • A webcam

See the Computer Requirements page.

We provide further guidance and an opportunity to test the software with us during your induction week.