Edinburgh Drug Discovery
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Based within the world-leading University of Edinburgh Medical School, Edinburgh Drug Discovery has a track record in successfully translating drug discovery projects from target identification through to clinical evaluation.

Edinburgh Drug Discovery researcher

Our specialities encompass target discovery, target validation, drug design, phenotypic screening and clinical research.

Chemical compounds

Our ground-breaking research has generated diverse intellectual property interests.

Edinburgh Drug Discovery researcher

Commitment to the dissemination of knowledge and leadership in our field has led us to produce numerous drug discovery publications.

Edinburgh Drug Discovery - imaging

We’ve worked with colleagues at home and abroad to deliver outstanding academic research projects.

Edinburgh Drug Discovery Industry Collaborations

Joining forces with industry partners to combine individual abilities allows us to maximise achievement.

Edinburgh Drug Discovery researcher taking blood sample

Striking success stories have emerged from our drug discovery research.

Edinburgh Drug Discovery researchers in lab

Our Principal Investigators lead remarkable research teams.