Institutional Strategic Support Fund (ISSF3)

Award conditions

ISSF awards are subject to conditions agreed by Wellcome and the University of Edinburgh.

Schedule for Award Expenditure

Normally award funds should be fully spent in accordance with the following schedule:

Funding Scheme

Competition Round

Award Letter Sent

Expenditure Deadline

ISSF3 2021-22 1 January 2022 February 2023



NB: Award funds that remain unspent at the expenditure deadline will be diverted to other awards.

Reports on Awards and Acknowledgements

Continued support from the Wellcome is dependent upon our ability to report on successful outcomes from awards. Award holders will be expected to complete an award outcome pro forma and those who fail to complete this within the timeframe given may be prevented from reapplying for ISSF funding. You will also be asked to acknowledge the ISSF in any publications and other outputs or impacts emanating from an award.

Summary of Award Conditions

Relevant Wellcome Trust and University of Edinburgh ISSF Award Conditions

1. Audit

The Trust reserves the right to audit the funding and administration of the ISSF award, including both funding provided by the Trust and matched funding provided by the University.

2. Awards made by the University for activities supported with ISSF funds

Awards must:

  • be subject to regular review by a nominated individual responsible for oversight of ISSF funds, (Lorraine Jackson, CMVM Office) to ensure that all charges are consistent with the agreed purpose of the award, incurred within the grant period, and have been approved by the holder of the sub-award or their delegated authority.

  • be accompanied by a set of the Wellcome's standard award conditions.
  • state that the Wellcome should only be charged in arrears for actual expenditure incurred
  • state that funds are spent in accordance with the organisation's established procurement policies
  • state that the control of expenditure awarded on the award is governed by the normal standards and procedures of the Organisation and will be covered by any formal audit.

3. Research Involving Animals

You are required to contact the Trust if you propose to conduct any research involving animals using ISSF funding. Please also note Clause 2 (iii) of attached 'Conditions under which a grant is awarded', under 'Research practice', about research involving animals and the Wellcome Trust's general policy on animals in medical research.

4. Clinical Trials

You are required to contact the Trust if you propose to conduct clinical trials using ISSF funding. Please also note our funding policy relating to and requirements for registration of clinical trials.

5. Open Access 

Research papers that have been accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal, and are supported in whole or in part by Wellcome Trust funding, must be made available from PubMed Central and UK PMC as soon as possible, and in any event within six months of publication, in line with our Open Access policy. The University requires all new research papers to be added to PURE within three months of acceptance by a publisher.

6. Intellectual Property

Grant-holders are expected to observe our policy on intellectual property and patenting, which is available on our website.

7. Employment

Wellcome does not act as an employer with respect to the Grant, and therefore in all cases where support is provided on the Grant for the employment of staff, the Organisation undertakes to issue a contract of employment to such staff that is in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

8. Research practice

(i) The Organisation should endorse the commitments of the Concordat to Support Research Integrity and must have in place formal written procedures for the handling of allegations of research misconduct, such procedures to meet at least the minimum criteria set out in the Trust's statement on the handling of allegations of research misconduct.

Useful Links


Wellcome's Policies and Position Statements

Wellcome's funding policies form part of the grant conditions, in that the Trust requires grant holders to follow them.

The following policies are available on Wellcome's website:

Access to bioinformatics resources Access to Trust archives Bioterrorism and biomedical research Complementary and alternative medicine Data management and sharing Full economic costs Genome data release Good environmental practice Good research practice Human participants in research Managing risks of research misuse Peer review and confidentiality Personal information in research Research involving people in low and middle income countries Stem cell research Supporting career development of researchers Tobacco funding Trust-funded researchers and commercial organisations

Wellcome Trust: Policy and position statements


Wellcome's Standard Conditions for Grant Awards

UoE is to comply with or note as appropriate Wellcome's policies on employment; research practice; audit; equipment; IP management; IP and commercial activity; limitation of liability; variation and termination; Governing law, jurisdiction and compliance.

Wellcome Trust: Conditions under which a grant is awarded


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