College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine

Research Culture initiatives

Enhancing research culture does not always require major effort and resources. Simple but meaningful improvements by individuals can make a positive difference to the research environment.


College Research Staff Champions

College Research Staff Champions work locally at the Centre/Institute level ensuring visible and active support for research staff at an early stage of their career. They are an essential conduit to and from research staff, with an active involvement in both delivery and development of CMVM policy around research staff support.

The Research Staff Champions can be approached for direction regarding:

  • training in current role, careers and support for transition to next role or beyond academia
  • other issues related to work Institute/Centre, including wellbeing, bullying/harassment, research integrity 

They will not necessarily deal with these issues directly but rather provide an informal link to support that exists elsewhere within the College/University.

College Research Staff Champions


College Research Integrity Advisors

College Research Integrity Champions are the Centre/Institute contact points for any informal queries or concerns about research integrity and research practice related topics. In particular, they:

  • support individuals who have concerns regarding questionable practices or research misconduct, including acting as a confidential liaison for whistle-blowers, or others wishing to raise concerns about research integrity issues
  • provide clear and accurate guidance on standards, policies and procedures
  • help individuals to access additional support or subject-specific advice as needed without being stigmatised
  • provide anonymised, summary information about queries to Edinburgh Research Office as appropriate

They handle all queries carefully, discreetly and without judgement or stigma.


Report: Positive Research Culture: What does it look like and how do we get there?

In January 2020 Natalie Hunter joined the Usher Institute on secondment from Welcome Trust to investigate positive aspects of research culture as part of the Welcome Trust's wider programme of activities on research culture.  She interviewed several Usher Institute staff and students about working in the Usher Institute and its research culture.

Positive Research Culture: What does it look like and how do we get there? (PDF)


The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies (R(D)SVS) mental health first aiders

The R(D)SVS Mental Health First Aiders are a point of contact for staff and students who may be experiencing mental distress. The team can be contacted in confidence and they will signpost you to where further help and resources are available. 

The R(D)SVS Mental Health First Aiders


Fair Authorship Guidance for the Centre of Cardiovascular Research (CVS)

Authorship/publications are the "currency" of a research career, particularly in the early stages, both for academics and, increasingly, for those in technical or other research support roles. Furthermore, clearly delineating who is responsible for published research is central to scientific integrity. Authorship disputes sometimes arise because of a lack of awareness of relevant guidelines and conventions. The CVS Research Integrity Team has assembled this guidance to assist senior authors and their co-authors by setting out expectations, promoting best practice and encouraging a fair publication approach.

Fair Authorship Guidance for CVS (EASE password protected)