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Find out how we are supporting the adoption of Open Research principles and practice.


Open Science [known as Open Research in the UK] opens up new ways in which research/ education/innovation are undertaken, archived and curated, and disseminated across the globe. Open Science is not about dogma per se; it is about greater efficiency and productivity, more transparency and a better response to interdisciplinary research needs. All this can have a profound impact on universities because, to deliver Open Science, both universities and university researchers should develop new perspectives. To embrace Open Science, universities and researchers need to embrace cultural change in the way they work, plan and operate. 

Open Science and its role in universities: a roadmap for cultural changeLERU Advice Paper No.24 - May 2018


What is Open Research?

Open Research basics: definition, principles and why it is important.

Make your research more open

Bitesize advice on how to make your research more open.

College expertise in Open Research

Our researchers contribution to the understanding of theory and practice of Open Research.

Open Research support and resources

Key contacts, available resources, training opportunities and College-specific arrangements.

Open Research communities

Open Research communities and grassroots initiatives at the University and beyond.


ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor Id) provides a free, unique, persistent identifier for individuals to use as they engage in research, scholarship, and innovation activities.

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