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Finding funding

Successful funding applications are a team effort and require planning ahead. Learn more about the resources that enable you to submit the best possible bids.

Writing and submitting a grant application is a lengthy and complex process.  There are expert teams on hand to support and advise researchers at every step of the way: from identifying funding opportunities to preparing a realistic budget, obtaining necessary regulatory and governance approvals and submitting your application. 

Funding for Research and Impact

Edinburgh Research Office 

Edinburgh Research Office (ERO) are the University-wide team who handle all aspects of grant applications. As detailed in the new Intention to Submit policy (see below), it is essential to notify your Research Funding Specialist as soon as possible when you are planning an application, as they will be able to guide you through the process, ensure all relevant parties are notified and will in most cases  approve and submit the application on your behalf. 

ERO homepage

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New Intention to Submit process

From 1 October 2021, all College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine researchers wishing to submit a funding application for more than £10,000 are required to comply with ERO's Intention to Submit policy. Please ensure you have familiarised yourself with this well in advance of your next funding application.

ERO Intention to Submit policy information and form

Please note that if the form is not submitted a minimum of five working days (for non-clinical trial applications) or four weeks (for clinical trial applications) before the funder deadline, approval will be required from the relevant Head of Centre to progress with submitting the application.

Demand Management of funding calls

For certain grant calls, funders are increasingly imposing restrictions on the number of applications they accept per institution. For these calls, an internal selection process is employed to ensure the most competitive bids are chosen in a fair and transparent process.

Click here for a list of all active, recent and upcoming calls, which are demand-managed by ERO (see ‘Further details > UoE information’ for the internal deadline and requirements). Note that some calls are demand-managed locally or cross-College – those details are communicated via internal mailing lists.

With any queries, please email or

Institute for Academic Development

The Institute for Academic Development (IAD) offers a comprehensive suite for advice and resources for navigating the funding landscape. 

IAD funding workshops


Clinical research

Funding applications for clinical research have additional requirements and often costs. Our Clinical research page summarises the teams who can help and guide you through the process and lists links to forms that you may need to complete.

Clinical research support services


Translational research

The College holds a number of funding sources for research with translational potential. Explore these, and the support available to access them, on our Translation & Commercialisation pages.

College Translation and Commercialisation pages


Commercialisation and company creation are supported by Edinburgh Innovations, the University's commercialisation service. 

Edinburgh Innovations website

Find your Business Development Executive 



A Fellowship is often the first step in transitioning to academic independence. Some key Fellowship options available to early-career researchers in the College are described on our dedicated page.

Fellowships for early career researchers


Contact us

If you have any questions about finding funding or the support mechanisms in place, please contact the Head of CMVM Research Office, Dr Jennifer Cusiter: