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Research Staff Committee

Meet your CMVM research staff committee and find out more about how we are improving the ECR culture and opportunities within the College.

The CMVM Research Staff Committee (RSC) brings together College and University academic and professional staff involved with the support and training of early career researchers (ECR) with representatives of the ECR community, to discuss and develop issues relating to researcher experience and support.

The role of the committee is to develop and co-ordinate support for ECRs and to disseminate information relating to ECR experience for the College.


Aims of the Committee 

To maintain, assure and improve

(1)  Quality of ECR support and provision across the College, both for the role in CMVM and in preparation for the next career stage, in line with the University commitment to the Concordat for the Career Development of Researchers. 

(2)   Equality of ECR experience and opportunity across the College. 

(3)   Support for staff involved in ECR training across the College. 


Purpose of the Committee 

To bring together College and University academic and professional staff involved with the support and training of early career research (ECR) staff together with representatives of the ECR community. Meetings are focused on discussing  useful initiatives and improving issues relating to researcher experience and support.

The role of the committee is to develop and co-ordinate support for ECRs and to disseminate information relating to ECR experience (including Training & Development, Careers in and beyond Academia, Funding, Translational & Entrepreneurship Opportunities, Health and Wellbeing, Research Culture, Citizenship, Teaching Opportunities and Accreditation, Mentoring, Equality, Diversity and Integration, Open Science, Widening Participation, Public Engagement) for the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine.

Members of the Committee 

Joe Rainger (Co-Chair. Co-Head of Early Career Researcher Experience, Easter-Bush Campus)

Lorraine Jackson (College Research Office)

Researcher Development Manager, Institute of Academic Development

Director of Postgraduate Student and Early Career Researcher Experience, CMVM

Research Information Manager, Research Office, CMVM

Researcher Development Concordat Rep, CMVM

ECR Clinical Rep, CMVM

Post-Doctoral Society members representing:

- BioQuarter Postdoc Society

- Institute for Genetics and Cancer PODS

- Easter Bush Post-Doctoral Committee

- George Square Postdoc Society


Key contacts and links

Twitter: @ECRCMVM

RSC email: