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Careers in Academia - Tuesday 29th November 2022

We will explore how to refine your research ideas (e.g. for fellowship applications) and how to marshal evidence of your independence and leadership potential. We will also hear from a panel of academics who have recently made the transition to independence and have experience of the application and interview process.

Nobody can manage your career for you, and there are no shortcuts when it comes to putting together a compelling vision for your future research; but in this workshop we will pinpoint what you need to focus on (and, to some extent, what not to waste time on), and you will acquire a set of tools and tactics to make getting to your next position more manageable.

The session will be facilitated by Dr Steve Joy.  Steve is a Leadership and Career Consultant with over thirteen years’ experience in supporting research students and staff at all levels.  Further information about Steve can be found on the registration pages.

The event is fully funded by a Wellcome Trust ISSF3 grant and attendance is free.  Lunch will be included!

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Nov 29 2022 -

Careers in Academia - Tuesday 29th November 2022

This deep‐dive, interactive workshop will focus on the fundaments of academic career management: what you need to know about the factors influencing the job and funding market at the moment, how to balance proactive and reactive strategies for finding opportunities, and what you can be doing now to be ready for your next career move.

Informatics Forum
10 Crichton Street